Multi-Tech Solutions
Serious About Protection, Monitoring, Control, Maintenance & Efficiency of Your Water & Wastewater Assets.

Since 1988 MTS Has Developed and Produced Products to Meet the Demanding Requirements of the Water and Wastewater Community.

MOS Series - For Decades The Most Accurate and Reliable Means of Protecting Submersible Sewage Pumps by Providing Early Warning of Pump And Motor J-Box Leakage, Stator and Bearing Over Temperature, Vibration Sensor Interface, and More...

MVF-2 - As Variable Frequency Drives Have Become More Reliable and Less Costly Designers Have Wisely Increased Their Application in Order to Accomplish More Accurate Process Results Plus Improved Performance and Energy Efficiency. But an Unintended Negative Consequence Resulted - High Frequency High Energy Noise at Levels Capable of Damaging Instruments is a Frequent and Real Problem. The MVF-2 Was Developed Specifically to Offer a Solution to that Costly Problem.

Visicon and Visiflex Series - The Latest MTS Pump Controller Offering Provides Our Most Operator Requested Level and Process Control and Pump Station Protection Functions Ever - Plus Wireless Remote Monitoring and Control.

AWS-1 - In This Era Of $3 To $4 Per Gallon Gas, Rising Personnel Wage and Benefit Costs, Increasing Capital and Maintenance Cost of Rolling Stock, and Tough Regulatory Requirements, it's Essential That You Have an Accurate Method of Remotely Monitoring, Reporting, Logging and Immediately Alerting Personnel When the Site Requires Attention. The AWS-1 Was Developed Expressly For This Application.